Over the past 10 years the company has built expertise in the follow core business areas which act as platforms for service in the Business Development Services Industry. 

Highlights of completed projects 

Supply Chain or Value Chain Analysis Study, Amfri Farms

FIT Uganda in partnership with Amfri Farms, has helped to link farmers using a value chain business model. In this arrangement, mutual benefit and good working relations are essential for the supply chain to operate. This has encouraged information flow and other services between and among the different players in the chain. As the production and reliability of fruit supplies by farmers increased, confidence and trust was built which benefited all actors in the chain.

Information Dissemination, CBS Radio

FIT established a twice-weekly radio programme for informal, micro and small businesses in collaboration with the Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) of Uganda. In addition to that it also launched a radio Network for radio stations broadcasting to small businesses and three other private stations joined CBS, namely Radio Paidha with “Abicamu Kani”, Voice of Toro FM 101 with “Nyekerra Eyange” and Voice of Teso FM 88.4 with
“Eswamai Kanuka”. This product has been replicated by ILO – FIT SEMA in more than 4 countries in Africa.

Process Management, Capacity Building facilitation Cordaid

FIT Uganda has been working with Cordaid to facilitate the development of the capacity of 10 NGOs in aspects of Access to Markets. The organizations have been trained in Value Chain Development, Market Related information collection, interpretation, Staff retention and Strategic Planning, Human Resources Development, Gender and HIV/AIDS and Conflict Management.

Sub Sector Analysis, Value chain development and Market Linkages.

Following the capacity of the 10 NGOs: - ORUDE, VECO, JIDDECO, AFRICA 2000 Network, IRDI, KADP, SSD Moroto, ADP Fort Portal, SOCADIDO and MADEFO, FIT proceeded into the analysis of sub sectors relevant to the regions in which these organizations focus. It has undertaken full studies of the following subsectors: Irish Potatoes, Apiary, Sorghum, Livestock, Fruit and Vegetables, Beans, Local poultry, Up land rice and Passion fruits. Currently FIT works with these partner organizations to explore possible market linkages with the local and regional markets.

Evaluation Study, District Administration Network

FIT was contracted to evaluate the progress of the District Net Project funded by International Institution for Communication and Development (IICD) under the Ministry of Local Government. Using an Output Purpose Review methodology we evaluated progress on objectives, assumptions, activities and provided a recommendation leading to the completion of the project.

Research for ICT in Development, NPA

FIT was assigned by IICD to establish the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Uganda at the national level more particularly in Ministries. FIT worked hand in hand with National Planning Authority (NPA) and I-Network. The assignment also involved the review of the Poverty Eradication Action plan and seeing to what extent ICTs have been considered and how they can be effectively implemented in Uganda. FIT has contributed to the development of National ICT Strategy paper March 2007.

Research for ICT in Use, IDPM Manchester University 

Working together with Manchester University, FIT has undertaken research in the use of ICTs, and developed and published a Handbook for the SME sector for the use and management of E-commerce tools in trade and business for SMEs and their Support Agencies.