FIT Uganda Limited is an ISO certified 9000:2008 and Uganda’s leading business development consulting company. It has over time built a reputation in the agribusiness sector specially value chain, farm enterprise solutions, business information, content management and e-based platform dissemination. The company covers some of the cross-cutting themes in agribusiness such market information, youth and women empowerment, ICT for agriculture aimed at enhancing access to and utilization of market, production and transaction data.

Vision:          To dominate the business sector through management of profiles, content and provision of information for trade using innovative solutions that leverage technology.

Mission:      FIT Uganda aims at offering profit driven, quality professional services by highly competent and motivated staff for the growth of commercial business sector.

Quality policy:      FIT Uganda aims to become the leading business development service provider in Uganda by undertaking duties as a virtue of quality, delivered professionally, efficiently and effectively with compliance to prevailing requirements to meet customer needs and exceeding their expectations.

  Approach to Work and Services 

We also collaborate with public and private sector actors in social responsive strategies to facilitate sustainable development in AGRIBUSINESS through access to market programs, using value chain programs, training of trainers, short professional up scaling training, enterprise promotion, and feasibility assessment: BUSINESS INFORMATION through a network of ICT data enabled collection, analysis, storage and dissemination portal for agribusiness and business: CLIENT PROFILE MANAGEMENT and use of Mobile Apps, Websites, SMS, IVR and Call Centre, Radio and TVs as an avenue for communication reaching out to learning communities.

In addition we support WOMEN AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT through job creation, Youth Entrepreneurship Skills enhancement (YESE) for out of school and informal businesses, placement and visioning and enterprise development. As well as promoting service in the HEALTH sector through the use of ICT based solutions, referencing, enterprise training and growth. All the programs are blended with tailored THEME BASED TRAINING Packages.

Key product and Services:

1.           Business Information: The activity took shape in 2008 when it was branded as INFOTRADE TM. It refers to the services of client profiling, data collection, data analysis, packaging and dissemination of production information, Market information and Transaction information within selected value chains. The dissemination uses ICT application or channels to widen its reach and audience of the users. It is now a fully-fledged service as indicated below:

Infotrade:        AGMIS-The Agricultural Market Information System –This is an on-line (web-based) platform that aggregates market price Information from 35 major districts in Uganda for 46 Agricultural products, trends and price movements of the same. Price data is collected three times a week, analyzed and disseminated via integrated media channels website, voice – mobile/ text SMS, IVR, Call Center, email and other like notice boards.(See www.infotradeuganda.com)

Uses a FARMIS application: (Farmer Record Management System) which is aimed at reaching out to multiple farmer needs, private value chains, and government data collection and monitoring. It is an e-enabled on both mobile and online system that collects seasonal production data from commercial farmers, creating a track record of farm records, business monitoring and continuous analysis. It allows member organizations to have their individual farmers profiled with baseline bio data, farm records production, pick up on physical record on address, location points, finger prints, and next of kin details, ownership of land, land usage and choice of business crops. (See. www. Farmis.co.ug)

Trade & Payment System: FIT has developed infoXTM application that is featured on both online and mobile to support rural financial trade and ecosystem market trading. It is to offer online virtual markets for registered users, allow for commodity trading, linkage to financial, storage, transport and marketing facilities within selected chains.

2.                       Agribusiness Value Chain Development Consultancy: FIT Uganda has over 18 years of experience in developing sustainable and people based solutions in business development targeting the SMEs. It focuses on the use of enabling technologies and utilization of local resources to promote growth in communities. Our service include:Value chain analysis, subsector selection, profiling, baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation, client tracking and progress benchmarking. As well as Market and Financial linkages

3.                     Theme Based Training: In the areas of Farming as a Business (FaaB) (TOT),Value Chain Management and Development, Interpretation of  Market Information for Bankers/Insurers, Interpretation of Market information systems (MIS) (MI Sourcing, Interpretation, Dissemination and Management, Membership Development, Recruitment And Retention For Cooperatives And Associations (MDRACA). Grassroots Management Training for Youth and Informal men and woman (GMT)

4.                   E-Based Info Dissemination (SMS, MobileApp, Website, Radio, IVR, TVs): Working in sustainable Business Partnerships: FIT has deployed the radio packages that work with SMS feedback loops, mobile and interactive broadcast to rely information to listeners. We partner with media channels to disseminate information through cost effective methods, interesting and sustainable matter allowing private sponsors to support continuity and innovation in local Media Houses. Case in point is radio Nekorera Gyangye program on CBS FM 88.8 which has been operational for 11 years, and is fully sponsored. Other Radios (Luo FM, Mighty Fire FM, POL FM and Mega FM) that will be jointly marketing agribusiness program to corporate sponsors for sustainability with command of 7,900,000 listeners.

5.               Sector Reference handbooks & Reports:

a.     Annual Market Analysis Report: this provides comprehensive market data on a selection of commodities that are heavily traded in the 6 regions of Uganda. It provides price patterns, commodity profiles, and time series analysis and price forecasts. It is a must own booklet for anyone in the agricultural sector

b.      Agricultural production Report (PAR): In the progress of developing the first production analysis report for the regions covered by FARMIS in Uganda.

c.      Published the first Agricultural Production Analysis Report for Meru County with a record of 7500 farmers profiled.


Business Training:

• We provide SME Business Counseling and
Training and Tailored Capacity Building
Training programs, amongst others: Grass
root Management, Business growth, Business
Planning, Value Chain Development,
Farming as a Business. The training
department can tailor-make any training
upon request. Trainings are conducted by
FIT staff or external trainers.
• We arrange for events that allow
Organizations to have Information
Exchange, Exposure Visits, Placements and
managing internships .
• We strengthen the social economic security
of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
and their households through business
trainings and sustainable market linkages.


Under the name INFOTRADE, FIT Uganda provides agricultural market information
using website, Short messaging services on
mobile phones, emails, radio programs, notice boards, newspapers etc.
We are empowering businesses by providing
trading information that offers analysis of
market information on product quality,
quantities, varieties, costs and times of delivery. In addition, the services offer trends watch, sector profiles, market updates,
periodical reports and commodity reviews. See
www.infotradeuganda. com

Project Management and Consultancy:

• We provide programme support in SME Business Capacity Building and Project Management, SME Business Facilitation, SME Access and Entry Market Strategies assessment and undertake feasibility studies and Market Research for public and private market opportunities.
• We have built remarkable experiences in
Value Chain Analysis and facilitation of market linkages and chain developments.
• Conceptual Development and Design of
Development Programmes
• Project implementation, monitoring, control andEvaluation
• Managing Funds on behalf of international